Wednesday, June 13, 2012

running ragged

Alright. I'm really not "ragged" just tired today.
I know I've been absent for a while I've been really busy and as much as I want blogging to be high on my list it always gets knocked further down.
Last week I was lucky enough to spend a week with my family on Kiawah Island. I'm pretty sure that is one of my favorite places in the world. I would love to live out in that area one day (probably not ON Kiawah, but close). I read 2 books and got nice and tan... Mmmm I just love summer :)

So after my fabulous week vacation I came back to Clemson to help Reed move in to our home. Thats weird to say. I mean, its not technically "ours" because we are renting but hey its the first place we will live together! Reed is moving in a couple months before the wedding to fix it up and to allow me time to do whatever I want to it before I officially move in as "Mrs. Lathrop". (Ooooh thats even weirder to say!!).

These are some of the pictures from the house. They are rough in both picture quality and whats in them. I really don't want to share them but I want to be able to show you the transformation once I get my hands on the place!!

First up. The Living room. Gross. But I will say it looks a lot better already! I've moved all the boxes out and rearranged what furniture Reed has now. Hopefully by the end of this month we will have my living room furniture in place and I can start really putting the room together.

Second room is the guest/art/hunting room. I don't think it will stay all of these things but we are hoping to fit a day bed, my desk and craft cabinet along with Reeds gun cabinet and bows... I have a plan to make it more of "my room" than his. He has the entire back yard and 2 sheds!

Annnnd this is going to be our bedroom. Its tiny. We are only gonna be able to fit in our bed, a dresser, and maybe a bookcase.

And this is the bathroom. No room for storage... I may add some corner shelves... I don't have a plan for this one yet.

But I'm hoping to get a piece of furniture to put out in the hall to hold my make up and the towels. I've been thrifting trying to find the right piece... 

And finally the kitchen. Well, I don't have much to say other than it is small.
Reed and his cousin worked really hard to move the stove to where it is now to give a little room for a table in the corner. Before the washer hook ups were where the stove is and the stove was to the left of the fridge. It didn't make any sense. This isn't much better but at least we can have a kitchen table!

The other view of the kitchen. Yep those are the only cabinets. I've come up with a few creative solutions just gotta wait to put them to work. I'm in the middle of making a rolling island and am also on the hunt for 2 small pieces of furniture to add as "counter space"...

And this is the laundry room/utility closet. 
its long and narrow. Before they only had the dryer hook up  in here and the washer was in the kitchen. Luckily I have a handy man and he was able to move the hook ups so we can do laundry in one place now :) He also plans to work on that shelving in the back... And I am planning to hang some peg board above the washer and dryer so that we can hang our pots and pans in here instead of taking up our limited cabinet space! 

 This is the front of the house. Not very exciting but nice. I'm moving some hydrangea bushes to the front just to add some color to the house :)

The glorious back yard. The picture doesn't do it justice. This is really what sold us on the house. A 1 acre fenced in yard!!! Reed has sense moved in 2 sheds, 2 boats, 3 cars, and a motorcycle... good thing we got an acre... I've talked to Reed about not turning it in to a parking lot and he is now parking 2 cars behind the shed.

Thats our house!
Not much. I'm working like a mad woman to get this place feeling like a home instead of a rental. Reed has been awesome and we have spent lots of late nights working, him in the yard and me in the kitchen and living room. Hopefully before the wedding it will be in ship shape and ready for me to move in come August!

We have already had our first guests :) Our good friends came over for dinner and so graciously stood in the kitchen while I organized the pantry and then ate tacos with us in our junk filled living room. So much fun, and I am so glad they love us despite the hectic-ness that is our lives!

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  1. How sweet Gracie! I know you all will treasure your time in your first "home"!!! :)


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