Monday, June 18, 2012

Looky Looky!!

I hope you noticed the changes I've made around the blog!! 
I have been trying to update the blog and become a "true blogger" recently and my first step towards that was getting a banner image I was happy with. 
I am not someone that enjoys sitting in front of the computer playing around on photoshop. I don't understand technology I would much rather have a piece of paper with markers or a paint brush in front of me. 
Despite my procrastination and wishful thinking that some how my banner would automatically change to some fabulous digital piece of art I made myself sit down and learn how to make my own blog banner. 
I looked up multiple tutorials but went off of this one from Songbird blog. Really I fallowed her 5 steps and then used my limited knowledge of Photoshop to play around on my own. I also looked up as many freebies as I could. I found a few awesome digital scrap-booking sites that offered free embellishments, papers, and more! 
Here are a few:
If I hadn't found these sites my banner wouldn't look this fabulous. I always wanted the old paper, buttons, ribbon, and tape but never understood how it was so crisp looking. I tried scanning my own but it just never worked out. Thank goodness these people were nice enough to share their fabulous talents for free!
I've also added a new tab that will take you directly to my etsy shop! I still have a lot of updating to do on that front but hopefully that will come this week. I plan on adding a lot more signs and pre-made art work to the shop instead of commission only work. (So if you have anything you would like to see don't be afraid to comment on here or facebook and let me know!). 
I'm so excited about this new look. I really am trying to be more professional. 
Luckily I have some great mentors. Bonnie and Trish of Uncommon Designs have really taken me under their wing and have shared their secrets to becoming big time bloggers. I also have been lucky enough to have Kelly Osteen of and Erin Galloway of Erin Galloway Interiors support and share my work on their personal pages that get tons of views. These 4 women really are helping me as an up and coming artist and blogger. 

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