Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My brain hurts

Well, my brain hurts.

I can't be creative.

As an artist and art student this is REALLY frustrating.

I honestly can't decide if I am more frustrated that I don't have any creative ideas or if I'm frustrated that because of this I look like a slacker. No matter how many hours I put in to research and brainstorming if at the end I don't have a new creative concept I look like I haven't done anything.
Do you know how exhausting this is?

I have less than 4 months until my wedding and I haven't gotten to be excited about the planning process yet because I have told myself I need to focus on school and being creative in a fine art way instead of a fun decorative crafty way.

But, my last project in sculpture I gave in. I combined the wedding thoughts and the school thoughts. It literally took me weeks to break down to that point but it was the only way that I could produce something that was relatively original and that would work with the project.

For this project we were supposed to disguise something. I had about a million ideas but because of lack of funds, time and having to get permission from school I couldn't manage most of my ideas. I basically had to go all the way back to the start. I knew that this specific space was very interesting to me. I felt strange as soon as I entered it. There is a new building called Lee 3 that houses most of architecture and a few art classes. It has caused a stir with its new modern architecture and open floor plan. Because of that it has become a prime target for any art project. I chose this particular room, which is a small (5ft x7ft) room outside the restrooms. This space was odd. I don't know how to explain it other than I had to double check to make sure I opened the right door.
So that was the first thing I figured out, I wanted to use that space. Why? Because it was odd, and made me feel way out of place.
I had to answer that question,WHY does it make me feel strange?? Well I decided that a lot of that came from the height of the ceilings. This 35 sq. ft room has 10ft ceilings!! WEIRD.
So with all that stated I knew that I needed to disguise the real ceiling and see how that affects the space. That is how I came to the sculpture pictured. Nothing but fishing line and tissue paper and it made the space totally new.

The once bizarrely tall "closet room" became something that evoked a new emotion. It was just as bizarre but in a way that didn't cause discomfort as it did before.

Well, I'm tired and I don't really have to much else to share right now. I still haven't scanned in my photos from class or my prints from printmaking. I promise I will do that soon.
I also REALLY wanna update some wedding stuff but I just need to get school over with first.
I'm sorry I've been such a slacker. I promise I think about blogging all the time. It is just hard to justify spending time writing when i can't seem to get my thoughts out in my sketch books.

Ohhh the frustrations of an art student!!

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