Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Pallet Project

This is my biggest project from the holiday season. A family that goes to my church is having their living room redecorated by Erin Galloway Interiors and I was picked to provide a piece of art! They wanted a textured, rustic piece that depicted their two young daughters and lyrics from "You Are My Sunshine". 

I'll just give you guys an overview of how I did it :)
This was just some wood we had at the house so I got my brother, JB, to help by cutting the boards in to 40 inch pieces.  I then placed them the way I wanted and screwed them all together. 

I then sketched out and painted the two girls and lyrics. This was fun because I wanted to keep it wispy and rustic so I was able to use a quick dry brush effect.

I just delivered the pallet this evening and they LOVED IT! I was so excited because we honestly didn't do much talking about what they wanted which left lots of wiggle room. Wiggle room is great, but is also kind of nerve racking because it lets me create what I personally want but not necessarily what they want. Luckily I  nailed it and they already have it up in their house! 

I have been unbelievably blessed with friends and family who continuously support me in my art endeavors. Erin has taught me so much about how to price my work and she has gotten me numerous jobs that I would have never gotten with out her. It is so exciting to feel like I am really getting my work out there! I can't wait to get this going and possibly grow it in to a real business.  

I'm heading up to Clemson tomorrow! I can't wait to get back and start my classes on Wednesday!!! 


  1. Just found your blog and YES WE LOVE IT. Great job are so talented!

  2. Oh my gosh, Gracie, I DO LOVE IT!!!!! xo, Kimberly

  3. Replies
    1. Cat thank you so much for commenting! It really does mean so much to me when readers like my projects :) This one was really fun, and I'm working on something that is similar now so be looking for a post about it soon!!


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