Friday, January 20, 2012

This is about to get personal...

I realized that I've never really shared anything to personal on here and I don't really know if that is bad or good. This blog is really about sharing my art but I also think that in order for many people to understand my art and why I create what I create they need to know a little more about me as a person not just an artist.
So, first things first:


Yes, this is new. And I thought it would be good to start out with the bling to build the anticipation for the proposal story :)

So, it started out like this. It was my first full day back in Clemson after the holidays and Reed really wanted to go on a motorcycle ride to our favorite little trout stream near Walhalla SC. I love riding his bike and had really missed it recently so I wanted to go but was a little apprehensive because it was foggy, looked like rain, and it was the beginning of January! I agreed to go under one condition: if I got cold, wet or miserable in ANY way he had to take me out on a real date like dress up nice and all. He promised I wouldn't get cold and I made sure I bundled up and wore as much waterproof clothing as possible. Packing for these rides is never a lite ordeal, Reed packed two fishing rods and fishing gear while I packed up my dinosaur film camera with all the accessories.  We finally got going around 10:30 in the morning and got to the stream about 11. Reed and I started off walking up stream, him fishing and me photographing him. (I have some images but they aren't processed yet so I'll upload them when I get them). He eventually said, "are you just gonna take pictures of me all day or of the stream too?". Obviously, I responded by ignoring him and focusing on the beautiful scenery around me. When I looked up Reed was no where in site. When I called out to him he casually responded with "I'm over her, come look at this cool frog!". Again, not expecting anything because Reed always finds random wildlife to show me. As I walked over he pointed out where the frog was and I immediately saw this beautiful bronze frog with a diamond ring around its neck!

So naturally I turn around to see Reed down on one knee then I turn back to him and say "What are you DOING?!". Reed graciously responded with "Will you marry me?" which was fallowed by more blank stares and then finally a  soft "yes! Of course!" and lots of hugs and kisses.
(Reed captured the entire thing on video which is kind of embarrassing for me but he loves it.)

These are both images taken with my film camera so they aren't the best quality but I love that we have them!

My favorite quote from Reed "Can you believe I asked you to marry me in waders?"
- and to answer his question, yes I can believe it. :)

Now for the story about the frog. This past June Reed and I got to spend about a week and a half in Charleston on family vacation. One day we were walking around window shopping when we saw these amazing sculptures of frogs. Naturallly we stopped because it peeked both of our interests in different ways. Reed wanted to see more frogs while I was interested in the beautiful craft. We stayed and talked to the woman in the store for a good while finding all sorts of information about Frogman, we found out that he is a sculptor from England living in California and creates each individual frog. No frog is a like and they are major collectors items. Obviously, we left the store empty handed but have mentioned the frogs to many people. Little did I know that Reed has been scheming about how to give me one since then.
 I can't believe that I got a ring and a frogman sculpture in one day. Reed put an unbelievable amount of time in to everything to make that day, January 10th 2012 perfect. I still can't believe it is real, I'M GOING TO MARRY MY BEST FRIEND!!!

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