Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hello long lost friends! Sorry I have been so slack about keeping yall updated on projects! But, in all honesty, I've been slack on DOING projects. My room is still basically all white. My armoire has now made it in the room so all that is left to do is hang pictures! The chicken wire wall is still half finished but its coming along, slowly. And classes have officially started! Next week my first projects are due which means this will begin the long weekends spent in the studio! I can't wait to show yall my projects from school but as it is with all school work, I have already started to procrastinate a little... Tonight I really just didn't feel like doing architecture reading and its too dark to take pictures or go to the botanical gardens and I don't have a buddy to go weld in sculpture studio with either. So, maybe it wasn't procrastination. Anyway, after doing some busy work for my architecture class I needed a creative outlet and I noticed that my bathroom was really white. As usual, I decided to paint a canvas to hang to add a pop to the walls. 
 Not exactly the best looking sign I have ever made, but basically this is the mantra I live my life by :)

Annnnd this canvas I made when I first moved in when I was avoiding unpacking. It has the "You Are My Sunshine" lyrics written in the blue strip along the mountains. 
I just really enjoy being crafty. I know I'm an art major but sometimes I feel like arts and crafts can be more fun and relaxing than fine art. I LOVE BOTH please don't get me wrong but this is the type of stuff I do when I want to rest my brain; nice, easy, blocks of color. 

Hopefully I can post tomorrow night with my finished bedroom and the finished chicken wire wall! My mom and little sister are coming to visit saturday morning and I would LOOOVE to have it all done! 


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