Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ya know. Just a quick afternoon project :)

Sadly, my apartment is STILL not completely put together. I still have about 8 boxes lining the walls of my room, my walls are all bare, and my new awesome desk is covered in junk... Great way to break in a new apartment. 

I think I just like doing things for other people instead of finishing my own projects. I went over and spent probably 3 hours or a little more doing this mural for a FABULOUS friend. She has been asking for a piece of art from me longer than anyone and I've been totally slack and until the other day have never given her a piece of my work!! I hope she likes this and LeAnn if you read this, I promise I'll still get you that tin you've been asking for :) 

I'm horrible at remembering to take before pictures. The room is a pale green and I came in to add the tree as a fun little accent piece.

My fabulous photographer, LeAnn, captured me in action. This was also my first ever live audience! LeAnn and her two roommates decided to join me. We all decided it was just really relaxing to paint while listening to Michael Buble  :)


LeAnn, I hope you love your tree and I'm sorry it has taken me so long to finally do something for you! It was so great to just chill with you and your girls while doing what I love most! 

Ok, my goal is to get my room completed by next Saturday. Reed has the day off tomorrow, hopefully I can bribe him and a few other strong boys to carry my hippo of an armoire up two flights of stairs! Wish me luck!!

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