Monday, August 1, 2011

"One shoe can save your life" -Cinderella

So, shoes are some of my favorite things. I enjoy having shoes that are different and are something that will express my personality. I've even done some personalizing to a few of my shoes and I wanted to show them to you! 

These are a pair of Nine West boots that I bought from Goodwill for $3 and then added my personal touch. 
These are my Toms I received this past Christmas. Tom's is a great company that started a "One for One" movement, for each pair of shoes sold the company gives a pair to child in need. This pair was my third pair of Toms that I chose to personalize with my own art work. I'm passionate about other things besides my art and shoes. I've visited the country of Nicaragua four times and have grown to love it as a second home. The images I've chosen for my Toms reflect Nicaragua. I have painted the national bird, the guardabarranco, and an iguana. I've also painted the verse "In His hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind." Job 12:10. The composition of these images express where my heart is and gave me a great looking pair of shoes :) 

This pair of shoes doesn't have a cool story. I just LOVE heels and wanted to personalize a pair. Sadly, I haven't had an occasion to wear these yet but I do love the fun lines! 

This is another pair of Toms I did for a friend. He requested I incorporate his favorite color (green), ultimate frisbee, soccer, The Cardinals baseball team, and Job 40:4-5. So, all of that I combined in to this unique pair of Toms! Hope you like them Boone!! 

Painting on shoes is something I really enjoy. It is a unique canvas that allows me to express myself in a different way than paper. Trying to combine different elements along the contours of a shoe can create a really elegant piece of art. Not to mention shoes are seen by a lot more people than a piece of art on the wall! 


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