Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gettin' Dirty

If you know me personally then you know that when I am working on an art project I am pretty messy. I think every clothing article I own has a paint stain on it. When I work I tend to not care about where I wipe my hands or my brush and I usually end up with paint, marker, charcoal or whatever it is I am working with covering my hands and usually have marks all the way up to my elbows. (Sometimes I even find strands of hair covered in paint.) So, I wanted to share some of the projects that get me the messiest. Charcoal is a medium I really enjoy. For whatever reason I always start out loathing the project but once I get started I enjoy being able to use my fingers to create the texture and depth of the objects. This dry medium is fun and though it starts off intimidating once I get started I often realize how forgiving it is. Being able to smudge any unnecessary mark away is always satisfying. Anyway, as you can tell I enjoy charcoal :) So, I hope you enjoy looking at some of my favorite pieces! 

JB (my older brother) in beast mode :) 

 I know I shared this before but I just REALLY love this one. 

Still life 

Spooky playground 

Popcorn Narrative
Ok, I know this isn't charcoal. This is dry pastels and they are used pretty much the same way. I still get to use my fingers to smudge around the color!
Ok I am kinda doing a dog study. I don't know if these are really that great but I wanted to share my progress. 
Beagle 1 
Lab 1 

Lab 2

Beagle 2
This is all the charcoal drawings I have as of now but I hope you enjoy my dirty art projects :) 


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