about me

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm Gracie.

I am saved by grace, loved by my manly man husband, artist and business owner based out of the big ole town of Chapin, SC. I started this blog as a way to share with family and friends the adventures and projects of art school. Through my senior year and after graduation my blog grew into more than just a place to keep up with family. I decided to make this my online studio, sharing successes and failures.

Grace Langdon Art is a hodgepodge of art projects, craft tutorials, heart to hearts, and gooey family love. Anything and everything that relates to how I personally create is shared here and I hope it can help inspire you in ways that you wouldn't have expected. 

My {heart belongs to}------ My Savior, the one who paints the fields and ski. My Husband, the most encouraging and honest provider an artist could ask for. Tepe, the cutest most cuddly puppy anyone could ever ask for. Making art, being creative with the talents that The Lord has blessed me with. Found objects, giving life back to the once adored pieces of a home. Margaritas, if Reed and I could eat Mexican food every night we would.  The South, I love to travel but my heart will always be in the warm, sweet south. 

If you want to read about our love story check out these posts: {How We Met} {The Proposal} {45 Reasons I said Yes} {The Wedding post 1} (Wedding photos 2)

One of my favorite parts about how my blog has grown is all of my new friends. I seriously consider my connections through this blog to be some of my sweetest friends. So please don't hesitate to contact me about anything! I would love to hear from you!!

email: langdon.gracie@gmail.com

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