Wednesday, March 18, 2015

DIY Hand Painted Onesies

Y'all, this is no joke. I just found out about 2 lovely precious baby girls this past week and I'm so excited for their families and their precious little lives :) Whats a better excuse to send gifts than a new life?! 

I've been shopping all around and falling in love with all kinds of baby outfits but sometimes I have something pretty specific in my head that I just can't find in stores. Thats exactly what happened with these sweeties. 

I love being cheesy like, seriously I think it's the best and babies can totally get away with it too. So I had these awesome little sayings that fit each family perfect so I just had to make these fun hand painted onesies. And all you need to make your own is a pack of plain white onesies, Tee Juice Markers (can get them here), and a sketch of your design. 

First things first you need to sketch out what design you want on the front of your onesie. I drew mine out on a piece of paper but you could just trace the design you want if you aren't confident in your free handing skills :) 

Then place your design inside your onesie and you should be able to see it through your onesie. 

Then you can start painting your design with your markers!!

This is the fun part, but don't go too fast some times these markers can bleed in to one another. If you are worried about bleeding just iron between each layer.

Once you are finished with your design take an iron and run it over the painting a few times. Ironing the painting sets it to the fabric and makes it safe to wash!!

It took me about 30 minutes to do these 3 onesies and I am so excited to get them to their new little princesses. These are so fun and can be totally customized to fit your newest little bundle, and being an auntie on a budget three gifts for less than $8 was pretty sweet too :) 

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