Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Look For Less: Industrial Hanging Planter

The Look For Less Design Challenge is back with vengeance! Everyone has some pretty awesome projects that are sure to spruce up your space so please be sure to visit each of these ladies!  Also, I've got a bit of a sneak peak and links at the bottom of the post too :)

For this challenge I've known I wanted to try something outside. I love our yard and have written about it multiple times but there was always this one spot that I just couldn't figure out how to make it pretty.  Our house is old which means old siding, and old molding. The age is really showing next to our back door. There is just a bit of a junky spot. So I decided to search the wonderful google machine to find some inspiration that could help me beautify this tattered spot.

Of course West Elm has some amazing things. I've pinned a ton of planters I wanted to try but as soon as I saw this Galvanized Industrial Hanging Planter I fell in love  but not with the $49 price tag. So I  started brain storming ways I could get this look for less.

Basically all I needed was PVC pipe, some spray paint, rope, and pretty flowers. Heres a quick materials list with the prices.
1 5ft section of 4 in PVC pipe     $9
4 4 inch end caps                       $5
1 spool of rope                          $6
Silver Spray paint                      $6
This means for about $26 I made TWO planters! 

Now to get two planters I bought a large enough piece of PVC to cut in half both ways (hot dog and hamburger style). So first off I cut the board in to 2 1/2 ft sections. 
Then I guestimated how much I needed to cut off to leave room for the plants. I would recommend getting a larger diameter piece of PVC, but for the small flowers I was planning to use this was just fine :) I marked a straight line down either side of the board and slowly cut with my jig saw. 
Then I chose my largest drill bit, and drilled two holes on either end for my rope. 

Now comes the part where you kinda just play around. I sprayed each of my pieces of PVC with the silver spray paint, then I dry brushed some white craft paint on and smudged it around a good bit so it wasn't "too" noticeable. I couldn't figure out what to use to get the dark spots and then I remembered I had some ebony wood stain. So I splotched some one and wiped it around too. You can see in the third picture that the top has the stain and the bottom doesn't. 

WAH LA! Thats pretty close to the real deal I think.

 Then all that was left to do was attach the rope. And in this case it was SUPER easy! Just measure out your rope length for your specific spot, pull the rope through and under the PVC. I used shower curtain rings as the hooks and simply tied them together and done!

I just LOVE these planters. I mean they aren't perfect but for $26 for 2 I think they do exactly what I needed! They add some texture and allow new space for beautiful new plants. By adding these small planters I created a whole new atmosphere on our porch and I'm in love with it!

Now be sure to check out all of these lovely ladies and their Look for Less projects! 

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THESE ARE AWESOME so please go look :) 

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  1. I am in love! I can't believe your creativity with the silver spray and white paint- it's perfect! I really want to try this out for our front porch. Looks great, Gracie!


  2. I'm so impressed! These look amazing! If you wouldn't have told me it was PVC, I would have seriously thought it was metal.

  3. These turned out great! I'm so jealous that you have warm enough weather to be planting flowers. It's snowing here today!!! Maybe someday soon I'll get to do some outdoors projects like this. Great work!

  4. Love the industrial feel of this project! I'm a sucker for anything with plants, and you did an amazing job!

  5. That paint job is AMAZING! Seriously looks like real metal. I love this whole project!

  6. I’m dying to do this at home, but I don’t know how doing it, so I’m great to stumble upon here and learned it from you. I love how it looks and it’s attractive. Cool!

    Sebastian Chuter


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