Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vintage Suitcase Turned Spice Rack

Man I have been on a role with projects lately! I don't think I have ever cranked out this many so quickly. I guess that is a perk of being a house wife ;) And this may be an odd sounding project to some of you but hey I like it! 

Here is the story behind the suitcase turned spice rack. 
I've been on the hunt for a spice rack since we moved in June. Reed is king of spices and every time he is in a grocery store he has to stock up. That means we have A LOT. In our old house we had a super convenient shelf above the stove. But when we moved here we had nothing, just some odd cabinets and nearly zero counter space. The spices ended up on the counter in a basket. We hated it because not only did it take up precious counter space but it also was so annoying to dig through the basket to find what you needed. 

After searching everywhere for a spice rack I finally just gave up and decided to make one. Reed and I were talking about what materials I needed and then I had an "ah- ha moment"! I didn't need to go make a box I could use the old suitcase and just add shelving.
So first things first we cut the top off the suitcase. I'm not really sure why we did that, now that the piece is hung I wish we had left it so it could be closed when not in use. But live and learn.
Then we measured and cut two scrap pieces of wood, leveled, and screwed them in!

Thennnnn all we did was screw the suitcase in to the awkward cabinet and add the spices :) 
I think it's cool, maybe a little strange to see a suitcase on the cabinet butttttt I like it 100 times better than that basket! 


I think I want to paint the shelves so they aren't just raw wood. Maybe even paint the entire suitcase? Reed thinks I should leave it the way it is, but he also just wanted the spice off the counter top :) 

I was sooooo pumped when we first put it up, and slowly I'm beginning to question how I like it. It just doesn't seem finished to me... Any ideas on what I should do to give it that final touch?? Or do you just think it is all the odd spice canisters throwing me off?

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  1. This is so fun! I never would have thought of that!

  2. I love it! I would agree that maybe a coat of paint would help:) also maybe glass jars for the spices? I think the dollar store might have some. I love your great ideas!

    1. oooo good idea with the glass jars. Not sure if Reed would like it but if they have them at the dollar store I may just have to ask forgiveness rather than permission :)

  3. This is such a unique idea. I would never have thought of it myself that's for sure. I have to agree with the glass jar idea.

  4. Did you try hanging it handle up?
    We're used to seeing a suitcase standing up, so that could be what's throwing you off.

    1. Smitty that is a very good point! We didn't try it the other way cause I thought we wanted to see the handles from the rest of the kitchen. but I bet that plays a part for sure!

  5. very cute,, definitely look at glass jars,, with handwritten labels,, and maybe some strips of moulding along the shelf edges,, painted to match the case, or the room,, just to add to the old fashioned look


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