Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentines Day Card for All Your Girl Friends

Valentines day is just around the corner and I love all the red and pink and lacy goodness! Reed isn't really someone that appreciates the red, pink and lacy things so sometimes I need to come up with some creative ways to celebrate the holiday :)  

Pinterest is filled with super cute ideas for classmates, teachers, and children but I don't have any of those... I searched Pinterest for some to send to girl friends of mine but I didn't really see any that felt like they fit. So of course I decided to fix that! 

One thing that all girls love is pretty panties. So why not celebrate the holiday full of lacy red, pink and black goodies with just that! I created a quick printable comparing friends to pretty panties, grabbed a fabulous selection of pretty panties from TJ Maxx and just as pretty mailers from the Dollar Store.

I can't wait to get these sent out to my girls, I know I would be extremely excited to get some pretty panties along with a little witty card. 

My little printable was inspired by a fun quote I found on Pinterest comparing friends to underwear. I loved how witty it was and wanted to keep the humor but make it fit the "pretty" theme of Valentines day a little better. So changing around some wording and adding some pretty dainty details gave this printable that perfect Valentines day flare. 

If you are as smitten with this little card as I am you can download the printable HERE
(Sorry for the language, I messed around with some other wording but just couldn't get pasted the giggles this one generated!)

I just love to be cheesy, I think thats my favorite part of Valentines Day. It's ok to be goofy, and cheesy and sappy on a day celebrating love! So, what is your favorite part of Valentines Day? 
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