Thursday, February 12, 2015

Trust God. When you run out of trust, just Obey Him.

It seems like winter is the time I learn a lot about myself and when I see how much I actually need God. I've had so many things I wanted to share on here about what I'm learning but didn't because I wanted this to be a place for "business". Yep, my creative online studio turned in to business...  I'm not sure how I got there and I'm not sure I'm gone either but I know that isn't how I want things to be. Business is good in the fact that it provides for my family, but the reason I am able to have a successful business isn't just about how professional my blog is, or how beautiful my Instagram account is. I'm not saying those don't matter, cause they do, but thats not the entire story.

This blog and business started as some place fun that I could share my heart. I talked about what was happening in my life whether it was art or budgeting or marriage goop. And when I was sharing and speaking boldly from my heart this blog and my business was much more successful. I think there are lots of reasons I could chalk that up to, like people just think I'm interesting, or I got hooked up with the right blog group, but what I really think it was was trusting God. I didn't have some big plan that told me how I was going to use this space and lead me to be successful. I just used what God gave me and knew that it was good.

One thing that I've been hit over the head with a lot lately is that my plans suck. Well, they may actually sound really amazing and it may look like I've got it all figured out. But God says, "Nope, stop planning and just follow me, do as I say and all your needs will be cared for". Like seriously, He says that in the bible in Matthew 6:26 "Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?".  I know my value in Christ, I know He sees me as priceless. For heavens sake He DIED for me!! So why do I think He has forgotten what my desires are or that if I don't succeed on my own that my family will never be able to move forward? Like seriously whyyyyy does that plague me so much.

Like I said earlier, that thought process of trying to provide always sneaks back up on me in the Winter months. I think it's because I have time to sit, its slow in business since because it follows the Holidays, our bills are higher than normal because of the cold. So basically the winter sucks. Except for the fact that I can always count on it to lead me right where I need to be. I hate the cold weather, and I hate not having much business come my way BUT each time this happens I am reminded that I need to trust in the Lord and when my trust runs out I need to OBEY Him. I need to boldly trust that if I follow His plan for me that I will not only make it through the winter but that I will be successful in all that I do.

So I pray that each of you will also learn that sometimes our plans aren't what we need. What we need is to trust that our Heavenly Father values us much more than the birds of the air. He is going to take care of you and your family. He wants you to have the desires of your heart so be patient in His timing, trust that He is good, and obey what He says to you.

Love y'all!!
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  1. I needed this today! Trusting God is so hard for me. We're in a phase in our lives right now where it is more important than ever to intently listen to what he has said and trust that his plans are far greater than our disappointments. Thanks for sharing, Gracie!


    1. Totally hear ya girl! I thought being young and married would be so fun and easy. It is fun but man there is a lot of learning that has to go on too! I'm glad I could be a bit encouraging to you and hope y'all can figure out the best way for your family to imprint trusting God in your lives

  2. Hi Gracie! First off all, I hope that you soon get out of your rut. I know it sucks when everything you have planned doesnt go as first planned... I just hate that feeling. And I allso know the feeling when everything piles up... I have been going back and forth wondering if I should even say this... I am not a religious woman, but I must admit I sometimes envy the love and trust you must have in such a relationship. I se there is a lot of that in the blogworld. And I see how that is a big, even huge part of your lifes. But still, I want to point out that you should not underestimate yourself! You are a humanbeiing with your own will, strength and opinions. After all, God gave us free will, didnt he? :)
    I hope I wont get "punched" out of your comment board here for saying this. All I mean is, believe in yourself, and I am sure you will succeed! :)

    1. Tone I would never not post your comment for speaking an opinion! Specially one that is so sweet. Thank you for your encouragement and I agree, that we (as humans) are amazing and can accomplish a lot when we try. So I'm not gonna stop trying, I'm just hoping to start trusting and believing that even when I'm in this rut of things not going my way that things are still going the RIGHT way because I have a heavenly Father that is so much MORE amazing than me or any human :)
      I'm glad to have you here and I hope we keep hanging out!!

    2. Oh I am so glad Gracie! I am cheering for you! :) I am looking forward to following youre blog and I am very tankefull that you decided to follow my instagram aswell :) cincearly, Tone_frugalfurbishing


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