Saturday, February 28, 2015

New Artwork and ETSY Shop Updates

Hello lovelies!
I haven't done too many DIY projects to share lately cause I've been running around like a crazy lady. I had some issues with our septic tank, a week of fabulous family time, then a week of nasty weather that is just never super inspiring. But one thing I've done a lot of work on this year is my ETSY shop. I did some rearranging, added new sections, and have made some fabulous goals that I can't wait to reach :) I thought I would just do a quick update on the shop to share some of the recently added pretties!

My favorite update has been adding a Painting section. I have always done commissions and larger pieces for friends but was never very confident about adding one of a kind pieces on ETSY. I think all of my work is unique and I hand paint each piece so everything is super personal but doing something that I am not going to attempt to reproduce is really fun. These are mostly pieces that speak to me personally and if I lived in a house with more wall space they would be hanging everywhere :) This Painting section has allowed me to be more creative than the quick gift pieces I've been focusing on for so long. It has been super inspiring and very fun, so hopefully this section will continue to grow!!

I also did some updates to my Watercolor section. I LOVE watercolor and I always have. So by adding some one of a kind pieces I am able to get back in to the medium that really started me on my life as an artist. While my acrylic work is super fun I find watercolor to be so therapeutic. It is a super fluid paint and is so whimsical that its almost impossible not to relax while working with it. 

I did a lot of updates to my Tin Sign section. It is still my largest shop section and where all of my best sellers come from but I decided to build a photo back drop so hopefully the section will be a bit more orderly :) I am still working on this but as you can tell lots of tins have already been re-photographed. 

Of course I still have the Serving Tray section, which is the second best selling section :) It's a favorite because I get to do a little bit a building and painting :) These are often what people buy as gifts for weddings, anniversary, and this past christmas I had an order for TWENTY SEVEN!! Yeah it was crazy awesome!

 And finally what I think is my most unique section, Clocks. Most of my clocks are made from rustic tin and hand painted with all different designs. The tin is so stunning and just perfect the way it is but most clients tend to add a personal touch to match their home decor.

As you can tell the shop is going under some changes and I am loving the way they are going. I can't believe how people have supported me with all of my work. Having a small business is hectic and crazy and not really something I thought I would be doing at 24. But God is blessing me and in just 1 year my sales TRIPLED! I am trusting in God and that He is gently guiding me the way I am supposed to go and I think that direction is towards my passions. I hope this little business will keep growing and that these passions will never burn out :)

I would LOVE to hear what y'all think of the shop so please be sure to visit GraceLangdon on ETSY!!

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