Thursday, January 29, 2015

Easy ETSY Backdrop

¡Hola Chicas!
So many of y'all know I have an ETSY shop and that it has been growing steadily in the past year or so. Well I mad some goals for it in 2015 because I'm ready to take it to the next level! One of my goals was to have a more uniform look.

What I mean is I want my pieces to be the focal point of the shop and not my crappy quick photography skills. In the past year I've been working so fast that I haven't taken the time to photograph my work at a level that is any place close to professional. And thats where this super super easy backdrop comes in to play. 

Really all I wanted was a clean space that I could take to the well lighted spots of the house. So I decided to make a folding backdrop just big enough for the majority of my pieces. I wanted it to be versatile so I could kinda change it up depending on the product but also have a unity that flows through out the shop sections. That is where the two tone scheme came in to play. My tin signs I wanted to photography on a wall but my serving trays need to be laid flat. The white is great for the serving trays to highlight the stain of the tray and the stained portion would look awesome with some of my tin products. 

I didn't take photos of making it because it was pretty easy but I will explain how it works.

Basically, I got 2 24inch birch boards and 2 4 inch hinges. I painted my boards and place the hinges on the UN PAINTED side. This way when I had the boards open for photographing my work you don't see the hinges or screw heads. 

Now the board will sit open and flip backwards on itself for easy storage when I'm done :) 

The picture above shows how nice a backdrop can look. 
This spot in the house had great lighting but our floors are scratched up, the trim needs to be painted and I would have to put a hole in a random spot in our wall to the tins for photos. The back drop solves AALLL  those issues :) Now I have a clean and crisp area I can take with me to the best light and photograph any of my small goods!! 

I LOOOOVVVVEEE how much better my tins look with a crisp and uniform back drop. Can't wait until I can get every piece in the shop reshot and posted :) I wish I would have done this forever ago, now every bodies gonna want some of dis!! In fact, if you are intersted in any of the Tin Signs above they are $20 plus shipping >> click here to go to the shop!

If you have an online shop be sure to always make time to photograph your work with quality. You don't have to be a professional photographer to get photos that display your work in a positive and uniform way. 

Do you have an online shop? If so leave me your link in the comments I would LOVE to check it out :) 
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  1. Great information, Gracie! I do have an Etsy shop, but it doesn't do much. Craftnuts Studio

    1. Hi Carole, thanks for sharing your shop! I just went over and you have totally done so well! ETSY can take such a long time and a lot of work to get going. I've had my shop for about 4 years now and last year was the first time I actually started making a decent amount of sales. If you ever have any questions please let me know!!


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