Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Styling a Vintage Coat

So I found this rad vintage jacket while looking for Halloween costume pieces.
I was Jenny from Forrest Gump (the hubs was Forrest and the furbaby was a shrimp!!) Here's a quick family pic, I mean how perfect right?!

I needed a fur trimmed jacket but just wasn't having any luck so I thought I would just make my own :) I grabbed this white vintage jacket from Goodwill for a whopping 8 bucks and purchased some "faux fur" from Hobby Lobby. I probably spent a total of about $15.

I knew I liked the jacket when I found it but thought it was going to be "ruined" with fur so I just tacked it on at first so I could take it off after Halloween. But then I got it finished and fell even MORE in love with the jacket.

Basically, I knew I was going to have to layer this coat. I didn't want to do jeans or anything bulky on the legs so I went with some leggings, a dress, chambray shirt, and swede booties. I think being able to wear this jacket on a normal basis you need the correct lengths because pants and boots could get pretty bulky under the jacket. But I'm no fashionista I just love fun pieces and think this would be a unique outfit for a fun girls outing :)

 I mean what girl doesn't want a white tea length jacket with a hint of glitter in the weave and fur trim?!
 photo gracie-sig_zps2d86285f.jpg

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