Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ikea Frame Hack

Fall is here! 
Well, football and school are here but the summer weather is still in full swing. But who cares, I'm going to get the house ready for all those cool nights and warm colored leaves. So first up is changing out our living room decorations to something a bit more "festive" :) 

So I bought this frame from Ikea a couple of weeks ago for a different reason. But then it wasn't the right size so I figured I'd come up with another use for it. It was the perfect size to replace the butterfly collection we had on the mantel before, but the clean white wasn't really meshing with everything else. To fix that I found a piece of scrap wood from the old horse barn on our property, and luckily is was just enough!

Then I measured, and cut the board in to 4 strips. 
Then angled the corners so they fit together "seamlessly".
Then I clamped the strips to the frame and flipped all of it over so we could see the frame. 
And finally I just pre-drilled and screwed the frame to its "new" face! 

So, there it is! My first Ikea hack!! And my first fall themed post for the year :) 
I love the way the old boards look with all of the other decor. And even though my cuts were a bit wonky and the boards didn't line up perfect, I think that just adds to the character of the wood!
This was a 2 hour revamp of our mantel so I can't wait until I really get to sit down with new decorations to give this room that cool autumn feel!

How are you welcoming in this cooler season?

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