Thursday, June 26, 2014

$5 DIY Cow Hide Rug

Soooo how many of you drool every time you see a cow hide rug? I know I do! I've wanted a big beautiful cow hide to mix in with my fun bright colors for as long as I've been able to "dream decorate". Now I want one even more, I mean how perfect would a cow hide blend mine and Reeds style... mmm soo good just thinking about it :)

Basically, you can tell I want one real bad. Sadly we don't have the budget for me to buy a rug just because I want one. And yes I know that SAMs club sells them for about $100 and yes I know most people would consider that cheap but for us if it is over $30 its too much :)  I had to get creative and come up with a way to get the look I wanted without spending the money. 

I figured painters  drop cloth is my favorite thing so why not use it as a rug! All I had to buy was a $5 4x5 painters drop cloth from Lowe's find an image of a cow hide that I liked and copy it! And y'all know me, I didn't just want a normal cow hide rug so I went with my favorite blue that is all over our house. Drop cloth soaks up a LOT of paint so it took about 3 layers for me to get the vibrancy of the color I wanted.

Once I started I realized I didn't really have a place for this beauty. Luckily I still had to figure out my front porch! I knew I wanted it to be a vibrant eclectic mix of new and old. The porch still isn't finished but adding a rug sure did make it feel more of a finished space.

What are some of your favorite drop cloth projects and would you be bold enough to go beyond the typical black and brown cow hide prints? I'm certainly so glad I did!! 
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