Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wishful Wednesday: Dreaming of NYC!

The last week or so I've been trying to come up with what I want to wear for my art show in New York. I don't usually plan out what I'm gonna wear months in advance or buy new things for a trip/event. But I feel like this one is a big enough deal that I can if I want to (have it in my budget... yesterday I wrote about our new budget system check it out here)

So anyway, I figured I would lay out some of what I was thinking here and see what y'all think! Remember, I'm going to Rye, NY (about 30 minutes outside of NYC) for an art reception that is held from 3pm to 5pm April 5th so nothing too fancy. (and anyone from NY area help me prepare for weather too, what is it usually like up there in April??)

Hoookay! The vision that started this all is actually not on ETSY, I've found a couple look a likes but the one I love and feel the most comfortable with trying out is actually a sewing pattern. Yep, that means I would have to MAKE IT. Which is a bit scary, thats the reason why I haven't purchased yet. But I can't find anything else like it and I just keep coming back so I'm thinking I need some advice from my dear friends!! 1. do you think I could do it?? 2. Do you think a tea length version in either black or a fun pattern is fitting for what I'm doing?? Basically what I'm picturing is this awesome skirt with a simple fitted tee and probably flats. Nothing too fancy! Annnnd basically exactly how she is wearing it, dang. This Infamous Regal Maxi Skirt is just so beautiful and Mimi G has the coolest stuff!
After reading all the reviews, asking a friend who has made this, I'm pretty sure it is exactly what I'm looking for. Beautifully feminine that can be dressed up or down!! Woot woot!

I said I found some look a likes of the skirt above. This isn't one of them but it is something I found while looking for look a likes :) Annnnnd just to be honest this is a BIG contendor! I mean look at this shop (Melange Mode)!! Those prints are stunning, and each piece looks so beautifully crafted and fits each person so well! I called Reed in to show him and of course he just kinda nodded and said "mmm hmm" he never knows how to respond to anything I like. At least he has learned to keep his mouth shut :)  Basically I would love one of everything from this shop. But the one that caught my eye and that I think would be best for the look I'm going for is this African Print Midi Skirt.
I have no clue how I would pick the print but I love them all so I'm pretty sure any of them would be just fine! I mean, those wide leg pants I think I need them too!

And if I ever have a super formal event to go to I found my dress already :)

Annnnnd everyone needs a little black dress right? I mean even if I don't wear this in NY I want it :) Look at the beautiful shoulders! That neck line, uhhhh. Why do I like clothes so much and hate spending money! This lace detail knee length dress is pretty enough to go to any event. I'm ready to have one now :)

To end with another thing that I just want :) I would wear it in NY if I could convince myself to make it by then. Yep another sewing pattern! I mean, why can't I just find these pre made by someone who knows what they are doing?! This maxi cardigan is AWESOME! I love it with the hood and with out. I've shown Reed and he has given me permission to purchase the pattern if I ask for help when making it :) No wasting fabric for me!

So, basically I have no clue what I want. I kinda do but I really need some guidance. I just wanna look good!!! HELP!

PS>> we will be in NYC for the weekend so any one with suggestions on where  to stay, places to eat, things to see would be greatly appreciated! (I've been twice Reed has never been so I need to make sure I don't just show him the art museums :) ).

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  1. I LOVE the first look!!! it is versatile; can be dressed up or down, with shoes, accessories, hair, jackets (and it looks like it has pockets??)...well you get the drift! 2nd choice is the skirt in #2. can't wait to see what you pick out!


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