Friday, February 21, 2014

Canned Biscuit Doughnuts

Well, last Friday I said Reed and I didn't really do Valentines day. Then I turned around and did Valentines day.  Here is a quick look at my super quick and thrown together date night. I started "preparing" at 4:30 and Reed was supposed to be home at 5:30... I ran out to the store to get him some goodies for a "man bouquet"(includes Pringles and lots of Slim Jim), cheap champagne, ingredients for shrimp scampi, and canned biscuits for doughnuts.  I figured a homemade date night would be fun, we just needed something we didn't usually make. Like doughnuts! Also, I used it as an excuse to do fancy makeup and wear my sequined dress. :)

But I wanted to share with you how easy these doughnuts are. I thought everyone knew about these, but Reed had never had them so here goes a blog post enlightening those who have missed out on the goodness of canned biscuit doughnuts!

Literally all you need is about 15 minutes and these ingredients:
1 can of biscuits (we used Pillsbury buttery flaky goodness)
-2 inches of oil ( we didn't have two inches but it still worked well)
-Whatever yummy toppings you want!

First you open your can (I hate this part, some times they pop loud and sometimes not. I mean really be consistent please!) and decide which type of doughnuts you want. We went with the easy route of dough nut holes. So all you do is cut your biscuit in to fourths. Or if you want traditional shaped doughnuts you can use an apple corer and cut out a circle in the center of each biscuit.

Then place a handful of your biscuit pieces in to the hot oil. They will brown quickly so be sure to watch them! And according to Reed they flip themselves, but just be sure the biscuit gets flipped so it doesn't get "well done" on one side.
Pull them out and place them on a paper towel to drain off some oil. Then toss them around in whichever toppings you want!
Reed wanted brown sugar cinnamon so we mixed up some in a bag that we could toss the doughnuts in once finished. And I just wanted powder sugar :)

Basically these are awesome, and now we will get canned biscuits ever trip to the grocery store. If you come to visit, this may be on the breakfast menu :) They are super cheap to make, usually you have the ingredients on hand, and SO FAST! My mom used to make them for breakfast when we were little. I can't believe it took me this long to make them for myself. Plus it added some fun to our simple date night, and yes we ate all of these with our champagne watching the Olympics in fancy clothes :) 

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  1. Oh my goodness, those look good. I'm starving! haha :)

    1. basically they are heaven. But only when they are fresh, still good the next day just not melt in your mouth eat a million of them good :)


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