Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wishful Wednesday!!

Part of my new blog schedule I will be posting each Wednesday about some of my favorite items from ETSY along with item updates in my personal shop.

So to start off I've found some of my all time favorite items at the moment. I'm really debating on purchasing each of these... If only I wasn't so freakin frugal!

First, to ring in the new year I really need a calendar. Katie Vaz has a beautiful hand drawn vintage inspired calendar listed in her rad shop that is full of stunning hand drawn paper goods.

Next! I got a new Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas and I am IN LOVE! So of course everyone needs a pretty cover to keep your gadgets warm, cozy, and safe. I found the perfect one for my perfect kindle over at the Beesock shop. I've got a soft spot in my heart for all things fun, funky, and functional and this Quirky fun floral Kindle Case is perfect!

It is still very much winter around here. I am currently cuddle up in my chair with Tepe, a fuzzy blanket, and hot cocoa  while the temps out side are about 9 degrees. So to think about warmer things I have fallen in love with these Large Raised Cedar Gardening Kits. I can't wait until spring and fill up my pretty patio with lush greens and you best believe that RopedOnCedar has a soft spot in my heart now!

Well, I can't share all my favorites with you today because I'm worried 1. I may go crazy and spend all my money while doing "research" for this post and 2. that you will go buy up all my favorites before I can get one!

Noowwww some shameless plugs about my own ETSY shop :) I love my little business and want it to grow so I thought I would share where all my friends can see! What I'm going to do is try and just post 1 or 2 items from my shop a week and tell you a little back story behind them. Or maybe just give more back story on the shop and how it helps fund my family!

This week I'm super excited about a couple new items posted in the shop. I just added these awesome tin clocks that are completely customizable. They are 24in in diameter with black metal minute and hour hand.

I've collected the tin from a few different spots around South Carolina and so it is all very unique. I love working with tin, I think it weathers beautifully and adds a bit of rustic glam to any space :) Plus it is super fun to paint on! And just like everything in my shop I would love to paint nearly anything you ask for!

So please be sure to head over and check out my shop along with the 3 other fabulous shops listed above! Just don't buy them all up because I want some for myself too :)

don't you just love ETSY? So many unique finds created by hand with love from all over the world. I usuasly like to stay local but that's just me :) what are some of your favs from ETSY??
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