Thursday, January 9, 2014

An IMPERFECT Bathroom Renovation

Today is all about a project that has taken way to long to finish. In fact it isn't even finished yet, and to be totally honest it probably will never get finished to the standard I had in my head when we started.

BUT! that isn't super sad, it's actually what I am devoting my Fridays to this year. Yep my "failure Friday" starts TODAY, with our totally imperfect bathroom make over.

Reed and I needed to start this bathroom reno 1. because I hated the color, it was a pale yellow but made  everything look yellow and 2. because the shower walls decided to start falling off.

We visited Lowes and got new shower walls for just $70 and made sure we had all the glue and caulk we needed. And I figured this made a great excuse to paint the bathroom when I didn't have to worry about getting paint all over the place. I was aiming for a smooth ombre effect with the left over grey from the rest of the house/studio.

First, Reed pulled the old walls off and boy oh boy was there problems. Loads of old glue to scrape and then bad sheet rock around the faucet. Once Reed scraped off the glue and replaced the sheet rock he was ready to add the new walls. So he cut the walls to size, spread the glue and taped it to dry.

Sadly, apparently our window is no where near square so when Reed cut the walls it was a bit off. Ya know an inch between the bottom and top of the wall. Old houses blow my mind some times. 

And no pictures but the next day when we put the caulking on apparently 1 section of the wall decided to not really stick tight so there is a bubble... great. Right now we have a board attempting to push the air out of it! Oops :) 

And when Reed was doing the shower walls I decided to start my thought to be super easy grey paint job. I took my original paint color and painted a 12 inch strip. Then I added a half cup of white paint to make it a tint lighter. Then painted another 12 in strip. And to blend them together I used a dry paint brush and just smudged the two together. I continued this up for 6 strips and then white for the remainder of the wall. 

 Well, I failed. I was hoping for a beautifully soft gradient. Instead I got some crazy uneven stripes and then basically the same color the rest of the way up... It was a pretty big bummer and took all I had in me not to just give up on the idea. I'm hoping I can go back and fix it up... maybe another post in the future but for now our bathroom is a failed paint job FO SHO!

Please just tell me how I taped off the entire bathroom and still have about a bajillion of these bad paint spots?! Ugh, I always hate painting...

How many projects have you started thinking it would be uber easy only to find out it is going to take much longer, and maybe a bit more skill than you thought?

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  1. So sorry your painting project didn't work. Having an ombre wall sounds super cute! Can't wait to see your solution. ;)

    1. Thanks Ashley! I'm still attempting to fix it, so we will see how it goes!


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