Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Round Up!!

Whew! October was gone way to quickly this year! For feeling like I've got nothing to do I sure was busy this past month, I've been doing a lot that I already shared here but a lot of the stuff that kept me really busy I haven't had a chance to share. So, here is a quick round up of a few things that didn't make it on the blog yet.

This month was full of weddings! I was able to help with a few friends getting married and really loved contributing my talents to help make their dream day happen :) This is a mantel I made out of side lights for a door way that I found at a thrift shop! Talk about GORGEOUS! I got them before I knew I was going to be making any kind of wedding props but just couldn't pass them up. Once I was asked to help I knew exactly what I wanted to do with these beauties!

And do you remember my cotton ball garland? I know some of you questioned it and thought it was a bit iffy looking but bam after long hours of sewing cotton balls together I think it added a great whimsical touch to the windows :)

Running off the wedding theme I decided I really liked staging and decorating. A friend photographer and I decided that we should team up and do a staged photo shoot. That way she could build her portfolio and I could start one incase I ever really pursued wedding decorating/coordinating or some sort of staging.

We went real low budget meaning, other than the gas for Mary to get here we basically only spent $25 on the "staged" food. Luckily we came up with something that would work with the ranch as the back drop and me as a model. Using our resources kept the price WAY down and gave us the flexibility to do it whenever.

These are a bit blurry but here are some screen shots done by the oh so fabulous Mary of Mary DeCrescenzio Photography. We just did this this week so we don't have any pictures finished enough to really show, but when we do you best believe I'll be writing up a post on it :) We had a blast running around setting up and pretending like we knew what we were doing. 

I've also been a bit busy communicating back and forth with an art center that would like to show some of my work! Earlier this month I was approached by the Rye Arts Center in New York!! They thought my works about chairs where very intriguing and hoped that I would be willing to contribute my work to their up coming spring show all about the anthology of chairs.
Here is an excerpt from the email I received
This exhibit seeks to bring together these artists and their stories into a kind of anthology of chairs.  We have sought out both artists and designers to tell the stories.  Some of the works are meant to function as seats, but many are not, since these are first of all, narrative sculptures.
So, basically I  couldn't be more excited right now! It blows my mind that some one all the way up in New York finds my art to be interesting enough for them to seek me out in hopes of getting my sculpture in their show. I am still learning about some details so thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated!!

Last but not least, I became a designer for the Origami Owl jewelry. Basically this means that I got a super cool start up kit in the mail and now have the ability to sell all you fabulous ladies customized jewelry! I'm going to be working on adding a button on my side bar so you can follow straight over to my Origami page and order up all kinds of goodies for Christmas. 

These are a few of the necklaces I got to make with the start up kit. And let me tell you it was more fun than I thought it would be. Sifting through all the charms to pick out exactly what you want is pretty awesome! Now y'all can be on the look out for bundles with Origami and my Etsy shop and fabulous sales on each to get you ready for whatever gift giving occasion you have coming up next.  

That was my month of October. Along with plenty of other things like, football games, DIY projects, ETSY orders, and birthday celebrations. It was a busy month and it feels like November is getting a head start on being busy too! Thank the Lord that I get to choose my busy :) 

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  1. I love how the alter turned out! Gorgeous!

    And! Congratulations on getting approached by a gallery! That is HUGE!!


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