Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cotton Ball Bunting

Today I was sitting around trying to figure out how I can make some streamers/bunting for filler at a friends wedding. I was cruising the web and found some really beautiful felt ball buntings. They were all stunning and even had tutorials on how to make your own felt balls. You have to buy a lot of materials. And to be honest, I haven't even changed clothes today so driving 45minutes to the closest craft store wasn't sounding too appealing to me.
Luckily with 3 years as a sculpture student I learned how to use different materials to achieve the same look! Yep I walked around the house and looked for material that was similar in size and shape as the felt balls and came up with cotton balls!

So I got all the cotton balls we had, a spool of thread, needle and scissors.

So first I threaded the needle (duh! don't judge I needed some pictures).
Then I simply pulled the thread through 1 cotton ball at a time and tied a simple knot around it and went on to thread the next cotton ball. 
Simple enough right! 

 I didn't really have a specific distance, I wanted the bunting to be sporadic so I just slid each ball down until I thought it was in a good spot :)

Thought it was pretty sweet looking. I don't have a picture of all if them together like I'm planning to hang in the wedding. But I thought the simple, organic shape of the cotton balls really is precious and can easily add some whimsy to a room. It would be fun to get some colored thread and maybe ribbon to add to the bunting just to give it a little more color. 

Yep, my afternoon consisted of watching crime shows and threading cotton balls :) Now I've just gotta make a run to the store for more cotton balls and I can do it all again!! This may be the cheapest wedding decoration ever! 

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  1. very cute and inexpensive idea!!

  2. I never thought about trying this with cotton balls! I tried it with pom poms once and it was too hard to get the needle through. I stabbed my finger too many times and gave up. :) This would be so cute for Christmas/winter decor!

    Also - I'm kinda obsessed with your rug! :)

    1. I'm in the middle of making a TON of these and hope they last so I can reuse them for christmas!! I may not be much of a decorator but for christmas I LOVE getting festive :) I think this would be fun wrapped around the tree.

      And this rug is my absolute favorite thing in the house. Reed let me splurge on it and now everything else is based off of it!


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