Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bridal Shower Mad-Lib

Last weekend my mom and I got to throw a bridal shower for my oldest and dearest friend. We kept it simple and traditional but I wanted to share with you some of the little details that made it fun :) 

First of all we did the "around the clock" theme and gave each guest a time to purchase a gift in relation to. Not everyone was so comfortable with their times but it made the shower fun and more than just measuring cups and mixing bowls!

Here is the invitation that I created for it. I was pretty pleased with it :) I was hoping that it would look more personal by adding my own hand writing on each invitation, but man did it get tiring after a few! 

I didn't take very good pictures of the shower. I wasn't using my normal camera and just couldn't get it to work right. So sorry no fun pictures of the decorations :/

But this is what I wanted to share with y'all most. We had a few games we wanted to play but ended up landing on this one, hoping that the bride could keep the end product as a keepsake! 

What we did was take the idea of a Mad-Lib and made it personal {Mad-Lib is a word game where the player is prompted to fill in a list of words, like nouns, verbs, adjectives ect. and then later fills in the blanks of a story with the earlier list of words.} Growing up we played Mad-libs all the time and I thought it would be fun way to break the ice. 

So to make this one personal we got the bride to send a quick write up of her proposal story before the shower.
This is the original unaltered proposal story as told by the bride herself. 

I then went through and edited it, choosing which words to take out and which to leave in. This part was actually pretty hard, and I think if I ever do it again it will be a little better. But hey it worked and everyone had fun even when the tense wasn't right!
Traditionally in Mad-Lib games you ask another person for the words to fill in the blanks. But we chose to just put a list on the back side of the story and have each guest fill the list out as they entered the party.

These are the finished edited proposal stories.

After everyone had mingled a little while and had time to finish their list and fill in the blanks of the story we all sat around reading our version of the happy couples engagement. This was a sweet moment and created so many laughs. It was really a fun way to break the ice and help everyone get talking at the beginning and I think it kept the attention on the bride with out making her do anything too ridiculous and embarrassing:)

Bridal/wedding showers can be so fun and creative, sometimes I wish I could just do parties like that for no reason :) 

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