Wednesday, January 16, 2013

House tour 4... FINALLY!

When I was doing the year end review I realized I never shared the photos of our guestroom/studio!! 
Here ya go!!

Our teeny tiny house doesn't have room for my art stuff so we had to compromise!
We basically split it in half, with the guest bed on one side and all of my art supplies on the other. 

You can see the lack of storage in the picture...
But hey, I've got that awesome armoir!!
Check out how I redid it here!!

Here is a close up of the desk and all its... STUFF. 
I've got sooooo much! 
I'm hoping to teach myself how to sew so far the closest i've gotten is getting my moms old machine on the desk :) 

Here is the other side of the room. 
It's just a little less chaotic!

This is probably my favorite part of the room. 
This blanket is just so bright and exciting!
I love all of these fabulous pillows, the 2 bright orange and blue ones where made by my cousin and the stitched on is from clearance at Belk!
You can see I've added a little camo and a large bass pillow for Reed :) 

A little recap of the corners :) 
The cutesy day bed, and my granddaddies armoir! 

Another way that I added a little "manly" touch for Reed,
not only the camo and bass pillow. 
But also put up some of his animal mounts.
The hog on the right is one that I've never particularly liked, its just so... fearce!
But the duck is beautiful. We just got him done recently and even though he is hung in an awkward place I do love it :) 

Well, thats our precious guest room/ studio! 
It is usually covered in Reeds camo clothes and my art projects... 
But this is what we try to keep it looking like. 


  1. Love it all (except for animal but I really love the blanket & pillows on the bed colorful!

    1. Nova I am in love with the bedspread too! My mom "collects" them. When I was growing up I had a lavender one with peacocks on it :) And the animal mounts aren't ideal, but Reed and I made a pact. I could do whatever I wanted to the house as long as I hung his animals... :)


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