Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Painting Class

This semester I am taking a few studio classes along with art history, art and philosophy  and working with a few Life Science students to add art work to the new science building on campus. 
Because I am taking so many non studio classes I wont have too terribly many projects to share with you other than painting and sculptures. 

So here is my work from my beginning painting class! 
These first 2 paintings are done on 5x7 canvas board using unidirectional mark making. 
Each is of a still life set up in class and we had about a day for each of them. 
I've hardly ever painted with oils and I was very hesitant to learn ( Just love my fast drying acrylics!). 
However, these 2 paintings where a good start. While it was frustrating to mix some of the colors it really taught me so much in how to SEE color! 

In both of these I chose to paint a white eyelet pillow and a white and black pot lid. 
However, for the painting on the left we were not allowed ot use black and we were told to really look for the colors and to not have any pure white or pure black anywhere on the canvas! 
This was hard, but as you can tell I was able to find some color :) 

This was the 3rd painting in the class. We spent about 2 class periods on this 11x14 canvas. 
Again it was another still life where we were asked to not use any pure white or black. 
Even though I was painting a black cloth, black suitcase, and 2 white jars I obviously found some color coming from the warm and cool light that was falling over the space. 

Now this is our first real project. 
We finished it about a week ago.
This canvas measures 18x24 and we had to build them ourselves!
I forgot to document that process for yall but hopefully I will have another chance to share it before the end of the semester!
Basically, we buy pine board cut them to the appropriate pieces nail and clue them together
and then stretch our canvas across it using stables and then finally cover it with gesso. 

Once it was built we moved to a new colorful still life. 
Again, we couldn't use pure white or black but because most of the objects were a bright vibrant color it was some what easier to see the colors through out the objects. 

 Here is the still life I chose. 
Fake sunflowers, 
a champagne bottle
wooden box
fake apple 
yellow table cloth 
and a plastic striped cloth. 

This image is a close up detail of some of the striped cloth and apple (unfinished). 
And the image on the right is the studio!
Its crowded and covered in paint. 
In the bottom corner is my pallet. 
I actually really enjoy using a pallet (mine is just a sheet of glass with taped edges) 
but it makes mixing and saving the colors so much easier!!

My finished painting. 
It is now hung in the hallway at home. 
(thats why the lighting is kinda off... sorry about that)

I've enjoyed this class. 
Sometimes it can be relaxing, once I get in to the painting and the stress of the drawing is done. 
I hate that I wont have the chance to take another painting class here at Clemson
but I think I'll continue working in this style at home :) 

PS. I just wanted to say thank you again to all my new followers! 
And to all of the Fabulous blogger ladies who have featured me on their blogs recently! 
You can check me out on Just A Little Creativity 

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