Monday, October 15, 2012

Burlap Craft!

I decided to try some burlap crafts that I've seen around recently.
This is a Burlee. 
(Basically a burlap door hanger.)

So here is how I made it!
I bought some burlap at Walmart for about $2 a yard.
I then made a little template of the shape I wanted the burlee to be
And cut out 2 matching pieces and hot glued them together. 

I then cut out ANOTHER template of a buck. 
I wanted to pull together the styles of Reed and I, so, I used the buck silhouette and used my blue as the back ground. 
After I painted the blue I stuffed it with some plastic bags. 

Annnnd to hang it I used the burlap ribbon and tied it in a sweet bow. 

Sooo I painted the details I was thinking. 
This is gonna hang on our door, as a welcome to our house.
I then glued the top together and the bow on and 
TA DA!! 

I don't have a great picture of it on the door yet. But hopefully we will get one tomorrow when the sun comes out :)

Hey and also don't forget about the Etsy shop. I've added a few new things recently!

Polkadot Pretties 


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