Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10 Week Review!!!

I might know what I'm doing!!
Finally, I feel like I have figured out where I am going with my artwork. 
I'm going to keep my writing short because I am adding my full artist statement to this post. 

I hope that this makes some sense, if not PLEASE ask me questions and leave comments below!
Really, the more I hear from you the more I can grow :) 

Artist Statement for the Stable Table:

Gracie Lathrop
Wednesday Oct, 31st 2012 11:00 AM
Acorn Gallery
The Stable Table

For this body of work I’m using different types of furniture to draw attention to function, and integrity. I’ve been very meticulous with choosing materials and designs that each contribute to these ideas. In a few of my pieces I am taking away the integrity that the original has by duplicating it out of a material that has a shorter, less durable life span.  I am also looking at pieces that are newer and lacking in integrity and calling attention to that, specifically by making it useless right off the bat.  By playing up this integrity and lack there of, I wish to bring back the attention to detail and craftsmanship that has been seemingly lost in much of our manufactured goods today.
This pedestal table is an ideal piece of furniture for this subject. Pedestal tables have a long history dating back to the Colonial period and remaining popular today. The function of this table over the centuries has varied but is commonly used as a dining table, desk, bedside table, and more depending on the size and shape. The diversity of uses has allowed this design to grow in popularity among nearly all classes. Because of the diverse function and seemingly constant popularity this style table has a strong sense of reliability. It has become a design that is trusted and honorable. 

         However, with this piece I have taken that honor and truthfulness away from this iconic table. It still mimics the design and structure of a pedestal table but is missing the function, rendering it useless. The use of latex has allowed me to strip the table of its history and reliability. Latex is a material that can be cast in nearly any form imaginable. Once it has dried and taken on the form of the object it can then be pulled off and viewed on its own but still referencing its past. While latex is a great tool to use for reference, it degrades rather quickly. The material is something that is not consistent and is hardly reliable.

Drawing again on integrity, stability, and function I have chosen the color turquoise.  Pulling inspiration from Urs Fischers Untitled piano piece I was wanting to use a color that was neutral enough to allow the viewer to see the form while also adding to the play on the tables function. Turquoise is a high trending color amongst interior and fashion designers making it very prevalent in many of the new manufactured goods such as clothing and house wares. But despite the surface popularity turquoise has a deeper meaning in which it references stability and balance.
The many elements of this piece create a push and pull between integrity and hypocrisy of furniture. Playing with the classic designs and pieces that are universally recognizable juxtaposed with materials that do not stay true to the pieces intended function.  Similar to Bruce Naumans Untitled stairway I am interested in “subverting the function”. By undermining the materials and sabotaging the function this once reliable table has been instantly rendered useless making the viewer more aware of the functions and integrity of the mundane objects that surround us daily. 

My artist statement and table went under review Wednesday and it went swimmingly! 
Thankfully I recieved lots of positive feedback ranging from things that are successful and places I can improve. While I am SUPER excited about this table I know it isn't my final product. 
I plan on using this same idea and process later on once the weather warms up again. 
I will change a few details concerning the paint application and a few other things that will give the table a more finished, show worthy aesthetic. 

I hope that some of this art mumbo jumbo makes sense! 
And like I said earlier, PLEASE leave me responses, comments, criticism WHATEVER :)

PS. I haven't forgotten about missing Tuesdays post, you will see one later this weekend to make up for it :) 


  1. I would just like to say that this was beautiful to read. I don't think I really appreciate how much thought and care goes into your art--that you create with a purpose and a vision. I am simultaneously envious of your talents and at the same time so proud of you for how you're using the artistic gifts God has given you. It is so refreshing to read how you are using those gifts to create deeply meaningful pieces that truly speak, even without words. You are a beautiful soul and it shows through your art!

    1. Kailey, Thank you so much! It really means a ton that you, an english teach at that, think I can verbalize/write my statement with as much beauty as I try to put in my work!!


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