Monday, August 6, 2012

Bridal Portraits.

Heyy heyy heyyyyyy!
Lets just be honest. 
I am writing this post at the beginning of  July. 
I'm setting it to post the monday after the wedding because I love these pictures and I want to share it with you guys! I know that yall will love them just as much as I do!
These pictures were taken by Andrew Higgins (one of my best friend's man). 
Meredith was helping get my hair and makeup done and brought along Andrew for fun. 
He was SO unbelievably helpful! He not only took these fantastic pictures but he made the baby's breath head piece used in some of the pictures! 

These first few pictures are with The Green Truck. 
This was Granddaddy Smiths 1971 Chevy that my dad has had forever. 
When I was younger we would ride on the side steps down the dirt road to take the trash out. 
The truck hasn't been running for years but within the past year or so daddy has started working on it again. It wasn't ready during the pictures but it should be ready for the wedding!! 

Some of these pictures are duplicate but are in BW instead of color. 

These next nine pictures my mom took. They aren't really edited at all so they aren't as professional looking as Andrews but I loved these. She really knows how to catch me at the best moments :)

Now back to Andrews pictures :) 

Now these few pictures are one the dirt road that I have grown up on.
It is so unbelievably beautiful. 
I wanted to figure out a way to get married there, but things have changed so much from when I was a kid that there is a little too much traffic. I'm just so glad I've got these stunning photos to always remember my favorite spots of the the dirt road. 

These are from my mom. 
She was on the same page as me when it came to the dirt road
 and took TONS of pictures here. 

Annnnnd back to Andrew :) 
These are actually in the field that the wedding is in. 
These pictures are some of my favorites. 
They remind me of my favorite movie Pride and Prejudice. 
Andrew caught such good lighting and the pictures are just stunning! 

Just bein goofy :)

Andrew thank you so much for helping and taking these PERFECT pictures! 


  1. Absolutely beautiful Gracie!!! Heard all about the wedding from Erin!! Hope your honeymoon is the best!!!

  2. Gracie those are just amazing and had me in tears! I just can't believe you are all grown up and married! Have a wonderful happy life with your prince charming : ))

  3. You looked so beautiful. Congrats to you and Reed

  4. Gracie! These are stunning! You look beautiful! :)


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