Sunday, July 22, 2012

House Project #4

So the house projects got put on hold once I started my summer class. 
I still have about a thousand things we are trying to do to the house but they are just going to have to wait until after the wedding. I'm working slowly on a few smaller projects in my down time, but with only about 1 week before I go home for the wedding I doubt they will be shared until later :) 

So here is one of the small projects that should have taken a few hours but lasted about a week! 
Our quirky little house is precious but kinda tucked back behind big trees and looks almost identical to the rest of the street. Reed is the one who suggested making a sign or something to put out by the mailbox that would make our house stand out a little more. 

Of course I wasn't going to just order a garden flag, not when I could use things that I have around the apartment and make a one of a kind sign! 

This was how our sign started. 
Just a rough piece of wood that I had to yank lots of nails out of and it probably shouldn't have required so much work but thats ok. 

I then just used some out door paint that I got super cheap from Lowes. (I pretty much visit the paint section and just stock up on all the mis-tints, it is an awesome way to get great colors!)
It was really weird knowing that this is about to be MY last name! 
And its weird driving up and seeing the sign on the mailbox, Reed hung it while I was at school so when I pulled up after class to meet Reed for dinner it really hit me that in less than 2 weeks I will be driving home to this sign EVERY DAY! 

Well, that is all.
I know that is a baby post but I have my second crit. tomorrow so after that and doing some final documentation of that project I will start the post for the 2nd sculpture project of the summer! 

I've also just started packing. 
I have officially emptied out my art cabinet in to boxes. 
This was taken with my phone so its pretty bad quality. Sorry. 
I've also cleaned out my desk and the storage from under my bed. 
I decided just moving my craft/art supplies and projects was a good way to start. I just had no idea how much I had!! Hopefully Reed is ready to give up his hunting room and willing to make it a studio! 

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  1. The sign is exciting as you prepare to start your new life together! ;-)
    Ms. Hardee


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