Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Little House

So this week I'm doing more personal updates than I think I have everdone. But hopefully this time in my life is interesting to more people than just myself :) If you're tired of the personal and want more art let me know! I'm here to cater to YOU :)

Ok, update on the house. Its still our little quircky first house, and it has been showing more and more character the longer Reed is in it. I didn't share this in the first post about the house cause there weren't many details and I wasn't sure what the outcome would be. Now that it is finally taken care of I think I can share with you.
When Reed first moved in June 8th I was at the beach with my family so we had some great friends and family help him move from Seneca to Pendleton. They were very efficent and got all of the house moved in ONE day! It was such a blessing to have Reed in our home with no problems!
Then, I got a phone call the last day of the beach.
Our precious little house was infested with fleas!
Before Reed moved in the Realty company had it sprayed twice. Once just because it was so bad they couldn't send the workers in to get the house cleaned and ready for move in. Then they sprayed again the day before Reed moved in. Reed had so many flea bites that he looked like he had the chicken pox!
We got the exterminator back out the Tuesday I returned from the beach and even he was amazed by the fleas that survived the last 2 sprays. The next day THEY WERE STILL IN THE HOUSE!
Reed had moved everything in to our first home but was unable to sit any where other than the kitchen. And he had unpacked nothing but kitchen gadets.We were getting really fed up when it hit the one week mark.
We got the house sprayed again, this time with another chemical and it seems to have worked! It has been about 4 days since Reed last saw a flea.
I think we are officially FLEA FREE!

Another little surprise came last night when Reed got home from work and attempted to set up the internet.
He had just gotten in the router and all the other doo-dads that go along with hooking up wireless internet and called the company to see how it all fits together to some how produce our wireless internet. The man on the phone politly said "Its really simple. Plug the router in to the phone jack and thats it!"
Reed looked around and found NO PHONE JACK. This house has not been set up to have a phone or any kind of internet. Luckily we have gotten to know the ladies at the realty office really well and they are sending someone out this week to fix that. So hopefully Reed will have internet this week!!

These are I guess kind of boring little house stories but they are just part of the reason why there is a delay in posting all the projects I have going on. I have started about a million projects but haven't been able to put them up until the house is set up just a tiny bit more.

I think by this weekend you will have your first update of the yard and living room!

PS. I know this is random and unofficial but I wanted to share the first piece of  our mail at our house.
This gives me goosebumbs every time I see it. In Less than 45 days we will be Mr. & Mrs.!!!

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