Tuesday, June 26, 2012

House Project #3

 For project #3 I wanted to find something to anchor my artwork on the wall. I knew that in our tiny living room it could get cluttered real fast so I wanted to make sure that everything I displayed was some how anchored together. 
I went through lots of different ideas like cork board, peg board, painting a "frame", and finally landed on using a pallet. Being as lucky as we are at Lowes Reed knew of some fencing that was damaged and on sale for uber cheap. 
This project total cost was $5!! 
We used the damaged fencing from Lowes and squeezed the pickets together (we had to do damage control to just one picket!) to create one solid piece of fencing. 

After that we used heavy duty picture hangers to hang the fencing to the wall and I then tied pieces of twine and let them hang loose and then clothes pinned my different pieces of art to it! 

This way I can keep changing up the artwork with out putting another hole in the wall or worrying about framing! 
It also gave Reed another great spot for him to show off his 7.5 lb bass mount! 

The pieces I have hanging are some of my favorite prints from my photography classes and then my woodblock prints from beginning printmaking. I also put up some of my favorites from the print exchange. The Owl print was done by one of my best friends Emily, and the one on the top left is one that my teacher, Matt, did of a sort of Jungle Book inspired piece. (Matts pieces always have a great story behind them, if I ever get a written copy of his stories I will totally share, they will be more than worthy of reading!)

PS. I start my summer sculpture studio today and I am SUPER anxious!! I love sculpture and can't wait to get back in the studio, I just know that this is gonna make July fly by! I am getting a little overwhelmed about how fast August 4th is coming!!!! 

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  1. TOTALLY LOVE THIS. I almost got this picket fence that a neighbor through away but it wasn't any good anymore. :( I wanted to make it a photography board as well!

    1. Thanks for the love Iris!! I really like the way old pallets look so this fencing was a great way to get that with a little more stability to the wood :)


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