Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spring Photography

Here are some pictures from my intermediate photography class. I'm kinda bummed because my scanner at home doesn't have as good of quality as the one at school. I wont have access to that one again until class starts back, so for now these will just have to do. Just trust me the actual prints aren't so blown out!!

We had 6 assignments for the entire semester. I only have 4 up because I haven't gotten my last two assignments back from the professor yet. I'll share them when I get them because they are some of my favorites!

For this assignment we had to take self portraits. There are many different kinds of self portraits and we had to do:
1. one with out me in the frame
2. narrative
3. representational
4. character
5. psychological

I don't have them all up here but they are all up on my facebook page if you wanna see them :)

This photo was my "character" print. I feel kinda dorky and I was so not good at this shoot. But, I really do love riding with Reed but it would be such a joke if I ever got my own bike! It makes me laugh just thinking about it biker Gracie... 
So basically I chose this "character" because it is something that interests me and is kinda a "dream" I guess you could say. Bikers, like real bikers, fascinate me!! If I wasn't such a scaredy cat I would have gone to the Twisted Spoke for my documentary project.
 This photo was my representational portrait. (its really blown out so please forgive the blinding highlights!) I wanted to do studio photos for these and to keep them simple so it was a literal representation of me as I am all the time.

Now this is a different project. In my self portrait project I chose my shoes to be the object that represented me. I know thats weird, but I LOVE shoes. I hate shopping but if it is for shoes I will go in a heart beat! Shoes are just so fun and can be so funky!! Basically for this project I took my shoes and kind of extended my "portrait" project. I wanted to comment more on how I may be very feminine in the fact that I enjoy shoes, but I am not very "prissy". I tend to enjoy things that aren't typically expected of a female. So I placed my shoes (the feminine side of me) outside in places that you wouldn't usually see high heels.

There are more of these on facebook also. It was interesting to see how the shoes almost became animal like. Specially in the photo above, they look like a flock of birds or something...
Now this next project was actually the first of the year. We were told to take a walk and brainstorm what we wanted to shoot.
I had just gotten engaged at the time of this project so I was thinking A LOT about my future and where my time would be spent. So, I started going around and photographing the things that I find interesting about the good ole Clemson area. I realized that I am in love with Clemson. But more the town than the school. There is just so much character and beauty in the upstate. I hope that these two pictures capture some of that captivating character and beauty. (There are more on facebook).

And then our second project was to go on a scavenger hunt. Out teacher gave us a list of places around campus that we had to shoot. We could pick our own "theme" as long as we were in the location specified on the scavenger hunt sheet. These are just some of my favorite images from that.
I know that was a lot of pictures and writing. I hope it wasn't to boring. I find myself comparing my blog to other blogs a lot. And I don't really know why people read mine. I don't give tutorials and I don't really have that interesting of a life. But I am thankful for all of you who do read and enjoy my artwork.

As I mentioned like a million times above, check out my facebook page. I've added all of my photos from this semester photography class.

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