Friday, February 17, 2012

So, I haven't updated in a while. Probably because I am trying to not let my life be consumed by wedding non-sense therefore I am trying my hardest to not be on the computer constantly :)
But! I do have some art projects to show you! We had our first crit in sculpture about a week ago and it was pretty interesting. The project was called "Operation Tri-Star" which basically meant we had to go to this store in Seneca and pick out 3 random objects from randomly assigned isles and make a sculpture with them. I was not a fan. My mind is not being creative unless it has something to do with the wedding and so I have really struggled feeling confident about any of my school work recently. I hate this feeling, I don't want to be consumed by this wedding in the least. I mean, its not the wedding that matters. I'm marrying Reed and that is gonna happen with or without the band, caterer and photographer.
(Sorry for the wedding rant).
Basically, I am stalled on all of my projects because of this constant BIG project in August. So this project was very stressful. I needed to be working and I had a very open but also very narrow project description. I went to Tri-Star to gain inspiration and left with tin snips, 8 pin wheels, and a baby pool. I didn't know what to do other than I wanted to use it to create a garden. I wasn't sure at the time what it meant or why I wanted to do that but I knew I wanted to.

As I was working I began to develop a concept having a lot to do with a specific site on campus. I was thinking about this picturesque stream near Lee hall. From the road it is beautiful, romantic and a place you could envision yourself visiting with your dream man. But, when you learn the history of it, not so much. This stream is a runoff from all over campus. Basically, they saw that there was a runoff issue and instead of fixing the problem they disguised it. Obviously this didn't fix the issue. When you actually visit the stream you see all kind of debris from construction, litter, and the water is covered with oil spots. I chose to call attention to this by creating a sculpture that started at the top of the hill and fallowed the natural water flow from the road.

This was a beautiful "picturesque" garden with the ideal grass and flowers. It then began to flow and sort of turned in to this goo that was trickling down the hillside towards the stream. Once it reached the stream it opened up and revealed the truth about itself and the stream.

I am not an environmentalist. But I do think that we as humans try to cover up a lot. I don't like that so often we start out with good intentions but then become overcome with laziness and find the easy way out. This sculpture I hope speaks about how we allow the "beauty" to mask what is really going on.

Alright. So that got pretty deep. I wasn't really expecting that. Butttt I do have an idea for the blog. I would like to generate more followers and what not. Soooo some time this weekend I am going to post a give away. I'm not sure what it will be yet but keep your eyes open because it will most definitely be an original piece of art!! :) (If you have any suggestions let me know in the comment section).

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