Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crafty Gifts

Today has been a bit of a slow day. Not too busy with school or work. I've got a few projects I need to get on this week. Like new wooden signs for The Fizz, goodies for my soon to be nephew, and save-the-dates for the wedding. Hopefully I will be able to knock these out this weekend, or at least start on them!
I figured with some of this free time I could finally show you guys what I did for Reed on Valentines day. He is a huge gift person which makes him hard to buy for. He loves to start giving me a list of things he would like about a month before any holiday. Some people would think that makes it easy but I like to surprise him so I never get him anything off of his list... This time I couldn't come up with a big gift worthy of valentines day so I decided to make a cutesy gift out of a lot of smaller things.

I'm sure that people get tired of me giving handmade gifts all the time so this time I added a little twist. I gave Reed a few smaller gifts that he wanted and packaged them in a crafty way that I really enjoyed. I think this is the best of both worlds.

I put each gift in a tool belt I got from Walmart for under $5 and added funny little tags. This is the tags I put on each gift.
New magazine for his pistol: Hope you NAIL your target.
New holster for his pistol: DRILL those bad guys!
New sunglass froglegs: SAW these and thought of you.
Beef O'Bradys gift card: Don't HAMMER down too hard!
Candy: Hope this gift MEASURES up!!

I had a great time putting this together and Reed was really enjoying unwrapping it. I couldn't tell if he was just excited for the physical gifts or if he was laughing at my clever tags. I know he loved it and he even said he was so glad I am creative :)

I also made another custom scarf for a great friend at Erin Galloway Interiors. For this scarf she wanted all the most important dates in her life. I think this turned out really cute!

Also! Don't forget to comment on the Giveaway post for a chance to win your own scarf!

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  1. Hey future sister-in-law(:

    Absoltely loved the idea of your gift for Reed! I can see him laughing at how cute and creative it was. Knew he would want Reese, that is just. REALLY love the scarf idea, so cute! Keep up the blog, love reading about the new ideas that you have up your sleeve and not to mention being able to brag about you to my friends :D
    Love you, Mika


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